Railroad Model Craftsman November 2023


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Clinchfield Railroad Carolina Division • by BRENT JOHNSON — Set in 1977, this double-deck HO scale layout depicts Clinchfield in the Carolinas.

GSC Depressed-Center Flatcar • by JAMES KINKAID — These cars answered the call to carry taller, heavier loads in the postwar era.

Build Sasso’s Esso Service Station • by CHRIS ADAMS — Turn a simple mid-century gas station kit into a special scene for your layout.

Detail an Abandoned Gas Station • by KEN HAMILTON — The City Classics gas station is the base for an eye-catching modern scene.

Modifying a Red Ball CNJ Camelback • by ALAN MENDE — Upgrading an older brass import to represent a late-era Jersey Central Camelback.

Seaboard Offset Boxcar in O Scale • by JOHN EDWARDS — A kitbashed O scale model based on an experimental 1964 design for a double-door car.

Clinchfield Country • by OTTO M. VONDRAK — Spectacular mountain scenery and heavy coal trains bring many fans to the Clinchfield.


Safety Valve — Letters from our readers

Receiving Yard — New product reports and industry news/compiled by Harry K. Wong

Test Track — In-depth reviews of new hobby products

Rail Books — TRRASt.L Historical Society Vol. 36, Issue 82/review by Robert J. Zenk

Craftsman Timetable — Listings of railroad-related events contributed by our readers

Perspective — A Case for HO Narrow Gauge/Adam Palmer

8 Branch Line on a Shelf — Modeling Consumers Aggregates/Scott Thornton

Painting & Weathering — Repainted Conrail X72 Boxcar in HO/Hunter Hughson

Diverging Points — Compression/Jason Shron

Editor’s Notebook — Commentary from your editor/Otto M. Vondrak

Dealer Directory — Listing of recommended hobby dealers

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