Railroad Model Craftsman December 2016

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Modeling Alleyways • by Richard E. Bradley — A modeler’s processes for creating realistic city alleyways.

CP Rail 1929-Built Boxcars • by John Riddell — Historic photographs and history of these fascinating 40-foot cars.

MKT Boonville, MO Depot • by Dr. Nick Muff — A study including drawings of this historic structure.

Building a Roundhouse • by David Yadock — Scratchbuilding a stone roundhouse using linoleum and some ingenuity.

The Grand Road • by Paul Brennecke — Railfanning a beautifully scenicked current-era N-scale railroad.

Non-Flicker Lighting • by William E Botkin & Victor Hand — Electronic circuitry to keep passenger car lighting constant.

CN Rail-loading Flat • by Andrew Castle — Modifying an Atlas flatcar to match a CN prototype.


Editor's Notebookby Stephen Priest

Receiving Yard

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RMC Timetable • Scheduled events and notices

RMC Perspectiveby Thornton Waite

Look Both Waysby Mike Schafer & Bill Navigato

Scratchbuilder's Workshop • by Bob Walker

Test Track • by Tony Cook — Product reviews

RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award • by Dave Messer

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