Railpace Newsmagazine July 2024


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SEPTA 9000 LRV Fantrip   by Roger DuPuis

Buckingham Branch Railroad Update  by Andrew Grahl

NJ Transit Portal North Bridge Construction Progress

Metro-North’s Scenic Waterbury Branch, Part 1   by Andrew Grahl

The Railroad Explorer IV - RDC Fantrip  by Alex Mayes

NS-CSX Voorheesville Connection Update  by John Haluska


Railpace News • by Carl G. Perelman

Seashore Linesby Dale W. Woodland

Amtrak Newsby Andy Kirk

The Keystoner • by Dale W. Woodland

Allegheny Observer • by Steve Raith .

NJ Transit Portal Bridge Construction

Lake Shore News • by Matthew Brandley

News From Canada • by Jason Noe

New England Dispatchby Jack Armstrong

Empire State Limited • by Stephan M. Koenig



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