Railroads Illustrated December 2008

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Pausing for a Commercial (Street) Breakby Al Crossley — A May day in 1980 proved to be a heyday for this Alco lover.

Alcos & Elevatorsby Trevor Sokolan — A look at the Great Western Railway of southwestern Saskatchewan.

Southland Alcosby Marcus Stevens — An ordinary day on Ontario Southland's Guelph Junction Railway is just like an ordinary day on any other CP branchline in the 1980s; except the 1980s were over 20 years ago.

Heartland Alcosby Steve Smedley — Rare diesels and more at an Illinois jewel in the rough."

Pat Connorsby Stephan M. Koenig — Pat is a member of Alco's last generation.

First Class Photo Section—Sample a variety of Alcos from across North America.


Opening Shotby John Woodlock

CTC Board—Current news items.

Parting Shotby Chip Sherman