Railroads Illustrated August 2010

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KCS's Mean Green Machinesby Joshua Chlapek — Decked out in the Southern Belle" paint scheme, these emissions-friendly locomotives run well and look better.

Seattle: Urban Sceneby Steve Jessup — Through no fault of its own, Seattle doesn't command the railfanning respect of places like New York, Chicago or Kansas City. But closer inspection reveals a railfanning experience as rich as any other.

Eastside Freightby Steve Carter — What started as a project to widen a highway in western Washington state ended with the creation of a new shortline.

I Miss the Duluth & Northeasternby Dean Freimund — Reminiscing about one of the country's most charismatic shortlines, the Duluth & Northeastern Railroad Company.

Portfolio—The photography of Nick Wilson


Opening Shotby Steve Carter

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