Railroads Illustrated May 2012


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From the Foothills to No Man's Landby Bob Plough — Through the rugged and lonely country of southeast Colorado, southwest Kansas, northeast New Mexico and the western-most reaches of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles run BNSF coal trains.

Norfolk Southern Serves The Appalachiansby Eric Miller — While not considered among the famed Appalachian coal-hauling railroads, NS' former-Southern Appalachia District of far southwestern Virginia nevertheless offers heavy coal traffic operating through some exceptional mountain and pastoral scenery.

Rail Grinding in the 21st Centuryby Jerry Hatfield — Maintenance of Way activities may not be the sexiest of subject matters but rail grinding is one such event that can give almost anyone at least a little thrill to experience.

Portfolio—The photography of Marcus W. Stevens.


Opening Shotby Eric Miller

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