Railroads Illustrated June 2013


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Conrail's Last Stand in Indiana by Chris Faulk — Now 14 years gone, for at least one railfan, Northern Indiana isn't the same without the charm of Conrail blue streaking through the cornfields.

Time Warp Weekend by David E. Baer — In May 2012, Youngstown, Ohio played host to a show of retro" Ohio Central and Youngstown & Southeastern motive power.

The Fidalgo Local: A Skagit Staycation by Jonathan Fischer — Along I-5 between Seattle and Vancouver, Skagit County offers convenient railfanning access in a pleasant and scenic location.

Pros at Work by George Hamlin — March 1, 1999 provided a rare opportunity to observe and record equipment maintenance activity occurring on the right-of-way.


Opening Shot by Steve Dixon

CTC Board —Current news items.

Parting Shot by Mitch Goldman


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