Railroads Illustrated November 2013


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Reflections: Railroading Along the Thames River by Thomas J. Nanos — The banks of the Thames in southeastern Connecticut host a colorful variety of rail operations against a very scenic background.

Resurrecting a Legacy by Byron Lemmon — Before diesel and gasoline, even before steam, hay-burning engines" powered America—in the form of horse-drawn rail-based operations.

Railfanning the Platte River State Park by Darrell Wendt — At this state park situated midway between Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, variety is the name of the game, offering many ways to watch trains along with numerous non-railfanning attractions.

The Wave by Robert Plough — The history of railroad is a long story of change, but one element has stayed the same since the first train rolled down a rickety set of tracks—train crews and trackside pedestrians exchanging waves.


Opening Shot by Jonathan Wright

CTC Board —Current news items.
Parting Shot 
by Jonathan Wright


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