3 Days - 20 Bucks

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The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club is known for organizing some of the greatest trips over the Colorado narrow gauge lines, and their annual Memorial Day rail excursions were legendary.

In an era when railfans donned suit and tie to chase trains, carried their trusty Brownie and Speed Graphic cameras, and counted their exposures more carefully than their lunch money, a young Stan Rhine ponied up his 20 bucks and joined the fun. Rubbing elbows with other club members like Otto Perry, Richard Kindig, Mac Poor and Bob Richardson, Dr. Rhine captured shots of both familiar and vanished locations on film. For the first time in print, he tells the story of these start-of-summer weekend rail jaunts. He also touches on some of the club's other narrow gauge excursions and, as a bonus, gives us the story of the last narrow gauge passenger train movement from Alamosa.

Relive the glorious heyday of sponsored railfan trips with your copy of 3 Days - 20 Bucks.



Leaving Town

The Narrow Gauge

Climbing, Ever Climbing

Cumbres Pass


Abandoning the Narrow Gauge

On To Durango

Carbon Junction and Farmington


On to Silverton


Return To Alamosa


The Last Narrow Gauge Passenger Train from Alamosa

A Note on Sources


Three Days - Twenty Bucks

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